Made it into the Daily Express...

Whoa, I ended up in the paper. A bit misquoted (Sorry NYC!), but a lot of positive things in the article.

Of course, they mispelled my last name. Ironically, this is the same paper that my late grandfather Lee Swee Ching used to be the editor of, with the Overseas Chinese Daily News (sister publication to the Daily Express).

"Urban development and other government initiatives are drawing in more expatriates and tourists to the State, and therefore, have high tastes that need to be satiated. "Good music is one of them," said Kenneth Chai, an American citizen, whose parents are originally from Sabah, but who have migrated to the US.

Chai, being one of the students at MMTC said there is tremendous potential growth here. "There's growth everywhere in Malaysia…here, in particular, it's quite fertile."